Hendrik Skoorbek


Heinrich Schörbeck AKA Hendrik Spoorbekwas a renowned seer, healer and magician who settled in South Africa around 1811. In Afrikaner legends he is commonly known as Hendrik Spoorbek / Skoorbek the “Towenaar”.

Heinrich Schörbeck was born in Dortmund, Germany. He arrived at the Cape Colony around 1811 as a sailor and deserted.The Dutch, Flemish, Frisian, French and Norwegian settlers called him Hendrik Spoorbek. He became so tolerant of the local pronunciation of his name that he signed his will as Hendrik Spoorbek.

Spoorbek was widely credited with the ability to prevent and put out fires. A house was on fire and Spoorbek was called in to help. He allegedly rode around the house in a circle with his white horse and dragged a long staff on the ground. After he completed the circle around the house the fire leaped from the roof onto the magic circle. Spoorbek rode away on his horse and the flames followed him – most possessions in the house were saved from the fire.